Slovak soft drinks and mineral waters association - AVNM

is the Slovak soft drinks and mineral waters, non profit association, founded in 1995,
in order to represent the interests of all types of non-alcoholic beverages and bottled waters.
Members of AVNM, are soft drinks companies who conduct their business in the Slovak republic and in the
EU Member States. Our mission is to support the growth, development and better understanding of slovak soft drinks and
bottled waters industry, at the national level and across the EU.

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Slovak soft drinks and mineral waters association  / AVNM / is a non – profit association founded in 1995, to cooperate in defending common interests and development of soft drinks industry in Slovak republic. It represents the leading Slovak and international producers of soft drinks, natural mineral and spring waters, fruit juices and nectars.



Our goal is to work towards creating a legislative environment, favorable for business and investment activities in the soft drinks  and food industry and to promote the development of a drinking regime  as an important factor  to public health and healthy lifestyle. 



The main activity of the association is to represent the interests of its members,  especially in the field of the legislation in relation to the  national administration, as well as other  non-governmental institutions, stakeholders  and  towards public.



AVNM is an active member of the Union of European soft drinks associations (UNESDA) and equally  cooperates with the European Federation of bottled waters (EFBW). Both associations are significant representatives of European soft drinks and bottled waters producers, providing their bussiness in the EU 28. These non – profit organisations are the strong technical support and contribution to the legislators in Brussels for over 50 years. Their main aim is  to cooperate in creating a legislative environment favorable for business and investment activities in the soft drinks industry and to promote growth, development and recognition of quality and value of soft drinks and mineral waters.



AVNM's executive body is the Board that currently consists of 10 members, including Chairman of the Board and two Vice-Presidents and Secretary general, who is a member by virtue of his office.


Chairman of the Board:



Secretary general:



All members:
All members


Working groups:

AVNM's policy is developed through two working groups, cooperating with the Board:

Committee for Legislation and Environment

Committee for Quality


Asociácia výrobcov nealkoholických nápojov a minerálnych vôd na Slovensku (AVNM)

Pluhová 2

831 03 Bratislava


Mobil: 0911 591 201




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Mgr. Lucia Morvai

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